Cure for Thick Toenails

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Cure for Thick Toenails

Our toenails may become thicker and harder for many reasons. As we grow older, the process of thickening and hardening of the nail tissue can progress more rapidly, but old age is not the most common reason for this condition. A toenail can thicken or harden due to some sort of injury or some sort of infection. Toenail fungus can result in thickening of the toenail, as can major trauma. Repetitive pressure is also one of the main causes. All in all, alteration of the nail plate can result in thickening. Is there a cure for thick toenails? The answer is: yes!

Is There a Cure for Thick Toenails?

Yes – there is a cure for thick toenails but it is not a life-long solution. The most appropriate term that can be used when speaking about a cure is treatment. This condition must be treated and managed, as it can easily reoccur depending on the main cause that has resulted in thickening of the toenail. The most important thing regarding treatment is proper care. One must follow the treatment instructions very carefully. Filing and trimming can reduce the thickened layer of the toenail. Instruction on how to properly trim and file the thickened toenail will be given by the podiatrist or a doctor. The treatment depends on the cause. If there is a fungal infection, topical, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal medicines are the way to go. If injury is the cause, reduction of the nail plate is a must. If the cause is systemic, the underlying condition must be treated first.

Cure for Thick Toenails – Trimming and Care

Proper care is the cure for thick toenails. What can you do? Your physician will recommend the necessary treatment plan (which, once again, will depend on the cause) and you will have to do your best to properly follow the given instructions. First you have to soak the toenails in warm water with salt or soap for at least ten minutes in order to soften them. Then, you need to dry them with a towel. Then, using a file, you have to trim the nails from one corner to the other. Nail nippers are the way to go for the next step. You must use nail nippers very carefully, as they can be very sharp. You must avoid splintering and you must not round the nail. Make straight cuts in order to avoid ingrown toenails. File the ends of the nails to remove sharp edges.

Cure for Thick Toenails – Prevention

We have discussed all available methods that can work as a cure for thick toenails; now let us see what one can do to prevent the thickening of the toenails. First and foremost, you must observe the toenails for any changes since changes can be indicative of some sort of underlying medical condition. Trim your toenails straight and file all sharp edges. Wear shoes and socks that do not apply pressure on your toes. Take good care of your feet, as the onset of numerous conditions caused by improper care of your feet will most likely result in thick toenails; and thick toenails can be a real nuisance.

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